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High-Quality Services, Every Time.

Rates: Labor w/or w/o one or two 26′-box truck(s)

We have an hourly rate based on crew size
Additional fees: Fuel based on distance and Supplies based on size of move
Please call/text or submit quote form to request a quote – providing preferred move date, information of size of (apt / house / office) (square footage & # of bedrooms) and start and end location(s) to preliminary determine what size crew and number of trucks may be needed for your specific move needs.

Payment Options

We are licensed and insured to operate in California.
We provide basic valuation insurance based on weight – At no additional charge, minimal protection. We, the mover, are liable for no more than 60 cents per pound per item up to 800 pounds. For example, should damage happen to a 10-pound stereo system that is worth $1,000, you would only be compensated $6 (10 pounds x $0.60). This basic valuation is effective when you sign the Estimate.
Another coverage option is actual insurance offered by a third-party insurance provider. This insurance is optional and is governed by state law. It is also not included in the basic moving company-provided coverage above and must be purchased separately by you via the insurance entity of your choice. One such entity is, a leading moving and storage insurance provider, of which we are an affiliate member.